LICENCE FINE is Crazy…I don’t even have a TV – Patryk Paszenda

Patryk Paszenda
Patryk Paszenda

LICENCE FINE is Crazy…I don’t even have a TV – Patryk Paszenda, from Carrick-on-Shannon who is studying computer science at Maynooth University rents a room in a house in Kildare town Kingsbury answered the door when the licence inspector came calling last October.

He recalled: “The inspector asked if there was a TV in the house and I told him the truth – I didn’t know.
“I also told him that I hadn’t a telly in my room. Or was there one in the common area all the students shared, as the land lady had told us she wouldn’t supply one.

“I didn’t know if anyone else had a television in their room as I don’t be in and out of their space, but for sure I knew I had none.

“I don’t really watch telly and if I ever want to I have to go down the pub to do it. I thought that was the end of it and when I never got any further correspondence about it O was sure the matter was closer. So I was shocked when I got a summons to appear in court.

I didn’t even bother getting a solicitor as I had a perfectly valid explanation and I felt that one I told the judge that then he would understand what had happened and dismiss the charge.”

However…Things didn’t quite work out that way. In kilocalories district court last Tuesday the inspector told Judge Desmond Zaidan that Patryk has told him there was a television on the premises.

“When he said that I explained to the judge that there was a misunderstanding, as what I had told him was I didn’t know – but that I didn’t have one nor did I have access to one” Patryk explained.

“I also told the judge I was busy studying and didn’t have time to watch telly, and he said I must be the only student in the world who didn’t watch TV”

“Honestly though, I play video games and watch YouTube on my laptop that’s it. “Its crazy I don’t have a telly and I can prove that, yet I have been handed a fine for not having a licence. “I’m certainly going to appeal it”


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