Work continues on Roof of Marketyard Centre Carrick on Shannon

Marketyard Carrick on Shannon

The Market House & Shambles were constructed c. 1830 by Charles Manners St. George. The buildings were upgraded and Extended in 2001. Since its construction almost 200 years ago, the Market Yard has become the heart of Carrick on Shannon town. It Is proposed to erect a roof canopy over the South Western area of the Market Yard. The proposed roof comprises of 2 no. rows of 3 no. curved steel supporting columns each with its own curved sub supports which creates a structure comparable to the underside of a tree canopy.

carrick-on-shannon-300X250 (1)

The columns will bear on new foundations. The structure will stand alone and completely independent of the existing buildings. It is proposed that the structure be covered with a partially translucent fabric which allows for light transmission through but keeps the elements out. In terms of suitability of the proposed use, it represents a use which is in keeping with the spatial requirements of the integrity of the buildings.


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